The Northern Line

My mother died just before her hundredth birthday. When I was clearing out her house after her death, paper spilled from every cupboard. Then I found an old tin box hidden away at the back of her wardrobe. The contents opened up a journey of discovery I couldn’t resist. Lies and secrets. Secrets and lies. Every family has them. Why should mine be any different? Even so I was unprepared for what I found. 

The stories that emerged from that box were sensational, shocking, moving and scandalous. They transformed what started out as a simple memoir into a riveting family saga, a roller-coaster ride through the fortunes of my Jewish family struggling to make their way in 19th and early 20th century England. The Northern Line, published in January, was the result. 

Reviews of The Northern Line

“A truly inspirational story, a fascinating read of one family’s historic journey”, Amazon reviewer 5*


“Overall this was a fascinating insight into one family’s history over the last 125 years, and the easy to read, chatty style made it flow easily. The family anecdotes have been supplemented with extensive research, the stories behind the photographs have been uncovered, and together they all blend to provide us with a fascinating and very personal insight into Jewish history that is as relevant to those outside the family & the Jewish community as within it”. Google Reviewer 5*


“This history of a Jewish family is rich in wonderful personal stories as well as being thoroughly researched. It is the story of several generations of ‘ordinary’ people whose lives are far from that, Jews living through the late 19th century and 20th century and experiencing the trauma of anti-Semitism, war, migration, family dislocation and the struggle to make one’s way in a new world”. Amazon reviewer 5*


“I loved this book – intrigue, mystery, madness, romance, history – all the elements of an excellent read. I found it funny, sad and unputdownable in equal measures. A great family story. Highly recommend”. Google reviewer 5*


“Judy Simons starts out in the late 1800s and ends up in the modern day. We follow her amazing and poignant story told in such a way it feels like having tea with a friend. … The information here is absolutely riveting. The author discovers diaries and other keepsakes that cause her to delve deeply into her past, learning so much but leaving unanswered questions. The more you learn, the more you wish to learn….. Please read this sobering yet essential book”. NetGalley reviewer 5*


“It has that anecdotal quality, that fascinating glimpse into the many lives that go to make up the life of the woman who wrote it. It’s a celebration and an exploration. I loved it” . Top 1000 Reviewer, Vine Voice 5*


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